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Terms & conditions (touristic)

Who owns this website?

The owner of the website is EV MMC SPAIN SLU (B-65824054) (hereinafter ‘Engel&Völkers’) whose registered address is in 08017, Barcelona, Avenida Diagonal, 640, 6ª-B.

What do these terms and conditions regulate?

These conditions are applied to:

  1. The relations between the Owner, or its representative (hereinafter the ‘Owner’), of a tourist accommodation (hereinafter the ‘Accommodation’) and Engel&Völkers, as the property broker.
  2. The relations between Engel&Völkers and a traveller (hereinafter the ‘Traveller’) who requests that Engel&Völkers act as a broker for renting an Accommodation.
  3. And the relations between the Owner and the Traveller.

When the Traveller books an Accommodation, the contract is signed directly with the Owner. 

Engel&Völkers participates merely as a property broker, and is not a part to this contract and is not liable to the Traveller or the Owner.

Engel&Völkers is not a representative either of the Traveller or the Owner and shall not be held liable for their actions.

How do I book an Accommodation?

To book an Accommodation, the Traveller must pay Engel&Völkers an amount for professional fees for property brokerage (hereinafter the ‘Booking’).

The amount of the Booking will depend on the length of the state and the type of Accommodation. The amount of the Booking includes 21% VAT.

Payment of the Booking must be done online by credit card (payment via a secure server with SSL encryption).

In exceptional cases, Engel&Völkers will let the Booking be paid by bank transfer.

Engel&Völkers shall consult the availability of the Accommodation with the Owner and, as applicable, will confirm the Traveller’s Booking of the Accommodation.

Engel&Völkers shall confirm the Traveller’s Booking of the Accommodation by email within 48 and 72 hours after having received payment for the Booking. 

In this confirmation email, Travellers will find the exact address of the Accommodation, contact information for the Owner, outstanding balance and all other instructions for arrival and departure.

After they arrive, Travellers must pay the Owner a deposit to ensure the proper upkeep of the Accommodation (hereinafter the ‘Deposit’) and the tourist tax. 

How do I pay the Rent?

Engel&Völkers will notify the Traveller on the rental payment conditions for the Accommodation (hereinafter the ‘Rent’) in the Booking confirmation email. As a general rule, this payment will be made by credit card or bank transfer. 

The Traveller will pay the Rent amount to Engel&Völkers’s bank account 50 days before arrival at the Accommodation. The Traveller shall pay any bank transfer fees to Engel&Völkers.

Exceptionally, specific payment methods may be established, which the Traveller can consult in the description of the Accommodation.

What is the tourist tax?

In some case, the Traveller must pay a municipal tax (hereinafter the ‘Tax’). Its amount is established by each city council.

The Tax is not included in the Booking.  The Traveller will pay the Tax to the Owner when arriving at the Accommodation.


The tourist tax in Barcelona is €2.25 per person and per night, for at most seven nights. Minors 17 and younger are exempt. 


The tourist tax in Hospitalet and the rest of Catalonia is €0.99 per person and per night, for at most seven nights. It is not included in the price. Minors 17 and younger are exempt.

For further information, please click on this link:

How do I cancel a Booking?

The Traveller must write Engel&Völkers for any cancellation or change at this email

Engel&Völkers does not accept cancellations or changes by phone.

What happens if I cancel my Booking?

If the Traveller cancels a confirmed Booking, does not turn up at the Accommodation or changes the dates of the stay, Engel&Völkers shall not refund the Booking amount. In this case, the Owner will keep the entire Rent paid.

If, after receiving the booking confirmation email, the Owner does not provide the Traveller with the booked Accommodation or a property with similar or better characteristics, Engel&Völkers shall reimburse the Booking amount to the Traveller, and the owner must refund the Rent to the Traveller.

What is the Deposit?

The Owner will ask the Traveller for a Deposit upon arriving at the Accommodation, as well as a valid credit card number to guarantee that the Accommodation and its contents are returned in good conditions. 

The Traveller should know that any damages caused by him or her, or other travellers will be deducted from the Deposit. The Traveller shall be responsible if the amount of the Deposit is not enough to cover the damages caused.

The Deposit amount depends on the conditions established by the Owner and for the Accommodation books. It tends to range from 200 to 500 euros (€). 

The Traveller may pay the Owner the Deposit in cash or by credit card. Details on the Deposit payment method will be detailed by Engel&Völkers in the confirmation email.

How is the Deposit returned?

The Owner will reimburse the Deposit paid in cash by the Traveller when checking out, after inspecting the Accommodation to verify that there are no damages.

The Deposit paid by credit card will be refunded to the same credit card used for the payment between four and seven days after check-out, provided that the Accommodation is not damaged.

What do I need to know about my arrival and departure?

Preparing for your arrival

The Traveller should make sure the actual arrival time is correct to plan for check-in and keep the Owner informed of any delays or changes.

The Traveller should send this information by email to

The Owner will have the Traveller’s phone number and email address in case of the need to contact the Traveller on their arrival time. 

In the confirmation email, Engel&Völkers will inform the Traveller about where to meet the Owner.

What do I need to do on my arrival day?

The Traveller should call the Owner after arriving at the airport (or one hour before reaching the destination city if travelling by car).

The Owner will tell the Traveller whether to:

  • Go to the Owner’s office, where the Traveller will be received and given instructions for check-in, keys and directions
  • Go to the Accommodation, where the Owner will welcome the Traveller and give him or her the keys and instructions for the Accommodation

The Accommodation will be available starting at 3.00pm, although Owners will try to accommodate Travellers with early arrivals whenever possible. 

It is extremely important that both the Owner and Engel&Völkers have the updated arrival time. 

Not having this information could lead to the Traveller having to wait for the Owner, as well as possible delays in check-in.

Engel&Völkers notifies the Traveller that – as a general rule – check-in time is between 3.00pm and 2.00am.

For arrivals after 9.00pm, there will be a 30-euro surcharge for check-in.

What do I have to do to check-out of the Accommodation?

Check-outs from Accommodations must be done before 11.00am.

In some cases, Owners may offer a late check-out option at an additional cost. The Traveller should consult Engel&Völkers or the Owner about whether a late check-out is possible.

Owners will do everything possible to make late check-out available, although this will depend on the next check-in, so that late check-out cannot be guaranteed. 

The Traveller can ask Engel&Völkers or the Owner about the possibility of a late check-out.

At check-out, the Traveller should leave the Accommodation tidy and throw out all trash properly. 

The Traveller should leave all sets of keys on the table, close the door of the Accommodation, first making sure that they have all of their belongings and that the building’s front door is not locked with a key.

What do I need to know about cleaning the Accommodation?

The Owner should ensure that the Accommodation is clean when the Traveller arrives. Before leaving, the Traveller must leave the Accommodation in perfect condition, throwing out the trash/recycling properly and tidying the Accommodation. If not, an additional cleaning fee will be charged to the Traveller.

What do you need to know about the number and identify of travellers?

The Traveller will notify Engel&Völkers of the number of travellers included in the Booking. As a general rule, pets are not permitted. 

Only the number of people stated on the Booking by the Traveller can stay at the Accommodation.

The number of people who can use the Accommodation must not exceed the number of people designated for each Accommodation, except for children younger than four.

If the Traveller does not comply with these obligations, Engel&Völkers shall have the right to cancel the Booking and the Owner will have the right to demand that the Traveller leaves the Accommodation. 

In this case, the Traveller shall not have the right to claim any type of compensation from Engel&Völkers and/or the Owner.

What do I need to know about how to behave?

Loud music and parties are prohibited. Travellers should know that if they have parties or listen to loud music, or if the neighbours complain and/or call the police, this could lead to the Owner immediately evicting the Traveller from the Accommodation. 

In this case, the Traveller shall not have the right to claim any type of compensation from Engel&Völkers and/or the Owner.

Engel&Völkers herein notifies the Traveller that in general quiet times are between 10.00pm and 10.00am.

Engel&Völkers and the Owners would like to thank Travellers in advance for their cooperation and hope that they understand that these rules are necessary, as these Accommodations are located in residential buildings, subject to the bylaws of the property owners’ association.

The Traveller and his or her guests should always behave respectfully. If the Traveller or his or her guests do not comport themselves suitably and civilly, the Owner may ask them to leave the Accommodation, with no right to any type of compensation. 

It will also involve the loss of the Rent and the Deposit.

The Traveller accepts these terms and conditions when booking the Accommodation with Engel&Völkers, and will receive them again and sign them when checking in on the arrival date.

What do I need to know about local regulations?


Tourist accommodations are regulated by the Barcelona City Council and local regulations.

These regulations tend to be part of local administrative and urban planning codes. 

In most towns and cities, property owners must register in a registry, obtain a permit or a license before being able to publish an advert and house travellers. 

Sanctions for breaching the regulations may include fines or the application of other measures.

City councils have extremely-strict inspection and control measures in force to guarantee that tourist housing complies with local regulations. 

All properties published on the Engel&Völkers website are compliant with local regulations and hold a valid license number. This license is available for consultation in each announcement.